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The Brain & Body Health Program is designed to assess the health needs of eligible former players who have been retired from the National Football League for less than 15 years.

Initial Screening and History Intake

  • Identification of potential individual needs
  • Intake forms to streamline visits
  • Collect relevant medical records/imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Images taken of the brain and/or cervical spine

Internal Medicine Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Internist
  • Comprehensive medical evaluation including fasting blood draw & urinalysis
  • Recommendations for medication management and future health needs
  • Evaluation of lifestyle habits

Musculoskeletal/Rehabilitation Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Sports Medicine Psychiatrist
  • Discuss injury history and current functional status
  • Musculoskeletal recommendations based on individual needs (e.g., physical therapy, stretching, etc).

Neuropsychological Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Neuropsychologist
  • Clinical interview to identify needs
  • Battery of cognitive assessments to assess memory, concentration, processing speed, language, reasoning, visuospatial abilities, and mood/emotional well-being.

Cognitive Neurological Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Neurologist
  • Neurological evaluation to assess needs (e.g., sleep, headaches, etc…)
  • Review of MRI
  • Recommendations made based on diagnosis/treatment as well as lifestyle management.

Nutrition/Body Composition Evaluation

  • Evaluation with Nutritionist/Body Composition Specialist
  • Body scans to evaluate body fat and lean body mass
  • Recommendations for nutrition/diet, supplementation, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Life Skills/Transition Counseling

  • Evaluation with Life Skills Coach/Transition Counselor
  • Discussion and setting of post-NFL life goals and aspirations
  • Focusing on positive transition post-retirement

Post Day of Care Follow-up

  • Care coordination meeting held to summarize results of all assessments.
  • Continued follow-up via phone or email to aid in continuum of care (e.g., referrals to local physicians/ mental health professionals and resources).
  • Follow-up (at minimum) conducted post-visit at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year via phone or email.
  • Satisfaction survey post-visit to provide feedback, which is integral to improving the Brain and Body Health Program/The Trust.


For a referral to one of our programs, please contact the Trust at 866-725-0063 (phone)  or (email).