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The Brain & Body Program is designed to assess the health needs of eligible former National Football League players.

The Brain & Body (B&B) Medical Assessment is a two- to two-and-a-half-day evaluation, customized for you, based on your stage of life, medical history, and other relevant factors determined by the Clinical Team. The Core components of the Medical Assessment have been developed specifically for the unique health concerns of Former NFL Players. Results from the Medical Assessment will be used to develop a “game plan” to improve your health and wellness. 

Our medical partners are committed to building a trusted relationship with you to address current health issues and any emerging issues identified during your visit. After your visit, they will continue to interact with you via phone, virtual visit, or other means to facilitate your health and wellness. 


 Core components include the following: 

  • Internal Medicine Evaluation
    • Evaluation with Internist
    • Comprehensive medical evaluation including fasting blood draw & urinalysis (including blood and urine panel to assess various health indicators and conditions (e.g., vitamin levels, hormones, cholesterol, inflammatory markers, prostate cancer, hypertension, diabetes)
    • Recommendations for medication management and future health needs
    • Evaluation of lifestyle habits
    • Cardiovascular Evaluation and Consultation, including ECG, ECHO, and Coronary Artery Calcium score when indicated
    • Hearing and Balance Screening
    • Vision Screening
  • Cognitive Neurological Evaluation
    • Neurological evaluation with Neurologist
    • Review of MRI
    • Recommendations made based on diagnosis/treatment as well as lifestyle management
    • Review of sleep studies
  • Neuropsychological and Behavioral Health Evaluation, including medication reconciliation 
    • Evaluation with Neuropsychologist
    • Clinical interview to identify needs
    • Battery of cognitive assessments to assess memory, concentration, processing speed, language, reasoning, visuospatial abilities, and mood/emotional well-being
  • Sleep Evaluation and Consultation 
  • Musculoskeletal/Rehabilitation Evaluation
    • Evaluation with Sports Medicine Psychiatrist
    • Discuss injury history and current functional status
    • Musculoskeletal recommendations based on individual needs (e.g., physical therapy, stretching, etc).
    • Determination of x-rays and MRI, as needed. 
  • Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy Assessment 
  • Body Composition Evaluation 
  • Dietary/Nutrition Assessment and Consultation 

 Personalized assessment may also include any of the following, as determined by Clinical Team: 

  • Urological Evaluation and Consultation 
  • Sports Psychology Counseling 
  • Family and Transition counseling 
  • Speech and Cognitive Rehabilitation Evaluation and Plan of Care 
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Evaluation 
  • Gastrointestinal Evaluation 


Pre-visit phone call topics include the following: 

  • Pre-visit paperwork and health history surveys 
  • How personal insurance will be utilized 
  • Review of expectations during the visit
    • Local transportation logistics 
    • Multi-day visit agenda, including sleep study overview and final day visit summary
  • Special needs (e.g., need for spousal companion, mobility needs) 
  • Travel, lodging, and meal logistics (coordinated and communicated by The Trust Service Specialist) 


Periodic post-visit phone calls or virtual visits, to address the following: 

  • Follow up regarding prior recommendations 
  • Provide assistance with referrals to specialists or primary care physician to facilitate plan of care 
  • Check on general wellbeing 
  • Address existing or emerging physical and mental health concerns and/or questions 
  • Make additional recommendations based on previous and current health status, as needed 



  • As of January 2021, eligibility for B&B re-assessments is every 5 years, regardless of number of years out of the league. 
  • For Members who previously attended B&B within the last 4 years and would have become MWA-eligible less than 5 years since their most recent B&B: o These members will be able to schedule re-assessment in the same timeframe as previously outlined (when B&B and MWA were separate). For example, in the case of a Member who retired in 2006 and attended B&B in 2018, 2021 would mark his 15th year out of the NFL. Even though it’s only been 3 years since his previous B&B, he will be eligible to schedule B&B again in 2021. 


For a referral to the Brain & Body program, please contact the Trust at 866-725-0063 (phone)  or (email).